Hi, my name is Linda and welcome to my blog, Bossy & Beautiful! 

I am obsessed with all things beauty. However, I will not lie though I haven’t always been obsessed or loved makeup. My beauty obsession actually started in September 2015. Yup, last year. No, I wasn’t one of those little girls that watched their mom get ready every morning, stare enviously as she put on her makeup, and anxiously wait for her to leave so that I could sneak into her vanity and play with all her treasures. Nope. I actually didn’t have much interest in beauty, much less makeup, during my childhood up until my first job after graduating from college.

Reason for this was because I’m allergic to many things, including dairy, shellfish, and apples. Yes, I’m allergic to apples. I know – I’m weird. However, there are times that I will get an allergic reaction and not know what caused it. On top of this, I have seasonal allergies to pollen, cedar, and mold. I swear, my sister calls me the “sickly” child of the family because I’m the only one in my family who has so many allergies. So up until I graduated from college, I only used concealer, mascara and lip gloss, but I was never interested in other beauty products because I was afraid it would cause an allergic reaction. I did have a foundation that I used on special occasions but it wasn’t something I wore routinely or often. 

Once I graduated from college, I started working as a laboratory technologist at a pharmaceutical company to save up money for grad school. In the lab, I was asked to wear no/minimal makeup to prevent interference with testing and lab results. I thought it wasn’t going to be a problem at all. However, during the first week of work my supervisor asked me why I was wearing so much makeup. I realized that if you’re trying to go with the “no makeup” makeup look but your foundation shade is 2-3 times darker on your face than it is your neck, then it ain’t a “no makeup” makeup look anymore. 

On my next day off, I went to an Ulta store and started to look up reviews on new products and started watching Youtube videos, at which point my beauty obsession started. 

Funny thing is that I am aspiring to be a medical laboratory scientist (MLS), a career in which I shouldn’t be wearing a full face of makeup everyday, strong perfumes or flashy jewelry, but I do it every chance I get. Like Jaclyn Hill says, ” you do you boo”.

Currently I’m in a grad school program for MLS. I did graduate from college with a degree in Microbiology. So no, I have not gone to beauty school and do not consider myself a  professional by any means. I simply enjoy playing with beauty products and testing them out to see if it works for me and if it does, I want to share that with everyone especially those who have a similar skin issues. I am not sponsored and will always be 100% honest with y’all. So thank you for visiting and I hope to see you again!