October Favorites

Happy November!!! There’s so much Fall everywhere and I love it! I especially love how the day after Halloween, there’s suddenly Christmas decorations everywhere. I saw some stores sneak some of their Christmas stuff out a few weeks ago but now houses are sparkling at night and decorated Christmas trees are peaking through the front windows. It’s all getting me very excited for the Holidays!

Today I will be sharing with y’all my favorites for the past month including songs that I’ve just been completely obsessed with!!! I have linked all products, people, and songs below too. I hope y’all enjoy!



Urban Decay – Midnight Cowboy Birthday Eyeshadow ($19)

I got this from Ulta as a birthday freebie. I am so happy that Ulta gave this out this year. I’ve always heard about this UD eyeshadow. It’s been a cult favorite for a long time and when UD came out with a liquid liner in this shade, all these makeup beauty YouTubers went crazy. Now that I’ve tried it and worn it several times, I can see exactly why. It is just BEAUTIFUL!


Pixi – Lower Lash Mascara ($11)

I originally heard about this from Haley (CosmoByHaley on YT) and it really caught my eye when she said it was hands-down the best mascara for making your lower lashes longer. My lashes are super short, especially my lower ones. It looks like I don’t have any lashes there. This mascara definitely helps ALOT. I love that the wand is super tiny, because it makes application very easy and it’s waterproof!


Becca Cosmetics – Jaclyn Hill Splits w/ Champagne Pop and Flowerchild ($38)

I didn’t want to get the Jaclyn Hill Face Palette because I didn’t like the size of it and the mineral blush in Pamplemousse. When she came out of the splits, I was so happy. I love that it’s compact and the packaging is PERFECT. The whole product feels so luxurious and its just BEAUTIFUL. The highlight is amazing and of course, the blush is an all-time Becca favorite. The formula and pigmentation of both are great.

Top to Bottom: Stormy Sahara, Touch of Spice, Times Square, Cookie, Loved

Colourpop Cosmetics – Lippie Stix in Cookie ($5) & Ultra Matte Lip in Times Square ($6)

Y’all already know I love Colourpop. The lippie stix formula is great and the color of Times Square is perfect for the fall. Some people say that the Ultra Matte Lips are very drying, but I don’t have that issue. I keep my lips very hydrated and if I know my lips are the slightest bit dry, I just wear regular lipstick – no point in wearing a liquid lipstick and then complaining about it (not throwing shade, just saying).

Milani – Amore Matte Lip Creme in Loved ($9)

Another lip product perfect for the fall! I think this formula is super comfortable and pigmented. The only tidbit that kind of bothers me is the scent. It has a very strong sweet scent, but it fades quickly after application.

Maybelline – Color Sensational Lipstick in Touch of Spice ($8) & Stormy Sahara ($8)

Again, love these for the fall! Touch of Spice is a creamy matte shade while Stormy Sahara is more of a sheer nude. I’ve been pairing these up lately, if I’m not topping Touch of Spice with Milani’s Color Statement lipstick in Dulce Carmelo.



The Chainsmokers – All We Know

I got really tired of their song, Closer, because it’s so overplayed on the radio. I was cruising through their songs and found this! Love the beat!

Hailee Steinfeld – Starving

Loved her for Pitch Perfect 2 and I love her for this!

Kehlani – How That Taste

Discovered her song ‘Gangsta’ from Suicide Squad. I started listening to some of her other songs and found this! I love the message behind this song. I know this isn’t a new song but I just love it!

Martin Garrix ft. Bebe Rexha –  In The Name of Love

I don’t know how to describe why I love this song, but I do.

Nick Fradiani – All On You

This song gives me late 90’s and early 2000s vibes. Those were the golden times with lots of B. Spears and N’sync. *sigh*

X Ambassadors – Unsteady

Guys, I watched Me Before You and when this song played, I started balling like a baby. This song is so beautiful, powerful and completely sucks you into the movie as if you are Lou. Don’t worry, no spoilers, but if you haven’t watched this – GO WATCH IT.

Zara Larsson – Ain’t My Fault

 I think I love the lyrics of this song for the same reason that I love ‘In The Name of Love’. Something about this type of love or attraction really resonates with me.



What have been some of your favorites for October? Do y’all have some music favorites too? Let me know in the comments below and I’ll ttyl~



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4 thoughts on “October Favorites

  1. I was so surprised tonight to see a house completely decked out in Christmas lights and decorations! It makes me excited hehe. I love the sounds of that Pixi mascara. I have the same problem with my bottom lashes! I always end up making a mess too!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I KNOW!!! I even saw Christmas decor on houses on the night of Halloween! The Pixi mascara is great! There’s no smudging whatsoever and it gives so much definition to the lower lashes!


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