Halloween Makeup Look #3

Happy Friday y’all! The weekend came pretty fast this week didn’t it, or was it just me? Anyways, today I have another Halloween makeup look to share with y’all. I call it “Alea”. I chose this name because all of Ariel’s sisters from the Little Mermaid, including herself, have names that start with “A” and also because I really like this name. This time I didn’t use one specific YouTuber as inspiration. There’s been so many different mermaid makeup tutorials and they were all inspiring and well done. As always, I have included all the products that I used, a picture of the finished look and a mini collage of different YouTubers whom I know have done a mermaid look below. Hope y’all like it!










Well I hope y’all liked this! I really liked the end result and had a lot of fun creating this mermaid look. If you recreated the mermaid look too, let me know so I can see it too! Halloween is days away – have you decided what you’re going to be yet?








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