Top 3 Bottom 3 Makeup Sponges

Happy Makeup Monday!! I hope y’all had a wonderful weekend. I basically spent the whole weekend snuggling in bed with my bae and watching Netflix. Today, I am starting clinical rotations for my MLS program and I am super excited! Hopefully, I transfuse patients correctly all day – wish me luck! But before I start my shift, I wanted to share with y’all my top 3 and bottom 3 makeup sponges. (I’m actually thinking about doing a Top 3 Bottom 3 series, let me know what y’all think or suggest in the comment section below.)


FYI, these are not lined up by top/bottom 3.


Top 3

Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge ($7) – This was my first makeup sponge ever and I’m so glad that it was because I LOVE IT SO DARN MUCH! It is my #1 fav. It doesn’t absorb too much product, it blends out my foundation perfectly, AND you can buy it in a double set, which is basically a BOGO 1/2 off deal. You can’t go wrong with this sponge. If you haven’t tried applying foundation or BB/CC cream with a makeup sponge and don’t want to pay too much, try this one out!

BeautyBlender OriginalBeautyBlender Original ($20) – Ok, I know EVERYONE loves this makeup sponge. This product has been talked about for years and so when I decided to try out other makeup sponges, I finally caved in and bought this. I can now see why everyone loves this. The RT sponge and the BB are so comparable in terms of quality and functionality. Both do a fantastic job. The only thing that surprised me was the size of the BB when it is wet – for some reason, I thought it was supposed to get bigger than it did, but whatever, it works great and I am now a BB believer too. Although, one thing that I do love more about the BB compared to the RT sponge is the rounded butt. Pouncing this on my face gives me some type of indescribable pleasure. As for the RT sponge, I never use the flat side – meh.

Ulta Makeup Blending Sponge ($10) – First of all, this sponge comes in a duo set, so it is actually $5 per sponge, which is a STEAL. Compared to the RT sponge and BB, it does soak up a bit more product but not by much. At first, I loved that it was white – it made it feel so clean and pretty, but as soon as you use it, say goodbye to that. Even after I cleaned it, it didn’t look the same, but thats understandable. I like that this sponge is fatter than the BB, which made if feel more like the RT sponge, but then it has the rounded butt, which makes it feel like the BB too. So I guess this is somewhat the best of both worlds. However, one thing that I don’t like about this sponge, is that it doesn’t set my makeup with loose powder the same way the RT sponge and BB can.


TruBeauty = yellow, F21 = lavender, Revive Beauty = green


Bottom 3

TRUBEAUTY Chamomile Infused Make-up Blender ($5, Marshalls) – I liked the subtle scent of chamomile, but that’s about it. It looks basically identical to the Ulta blending sponge except that it’s yellow. It functioned almost the same except that this makeup blender soaked up way too much product. I had to use almost double the amount of foundation than I normally do to get the same desired amount of coverage.

Forever 21 Love & Beauty Makeup Sponge ($3.90) – I really liked that it was lavender-colored, but that’s it.It is similar to the TruBeauty makeup blender, but this sponge was way too dense and absorbed way too much product. I rather spend the extra few $ and go to Ulta and pick up the RT sponge or even the Ulta blending sponge duo.

Revive Beauty Makeup Blending Applicator ($5, Marshalls) – I hated this! It felt like a racquet ball was hitting my face. When I bounced it on my face to apply foundation, it felt like a mini punch. This is very dense and it didn’t expand when I ran it under water. Additionally, it did not blend out my foundation – it just smeared it around. The only thing I liked about this sponge was the color and the cute packaging it came in. I wouldn’t recommend this and any of the other bottom 2 to anyone – steer clear of it! It isn’t worth the money!


Well, that’s it! Let me know in the comments what beauty/makeup sponges you have tried and if you liked it. If you used any of the makeup sponges that I mentioned, let me know if you liked it or not. If there are any beauty/makeup sponges that you recommend, please also leave that in the comments. I hope y’all have a wonderful Makeup Monday and I will ttyl~



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  1. I’ve only tried the Real Techniques sponge and the Beauty Blender! Love both and think they are equally great! But I’ve completely switched to Real Techniques since it’s way cheaper lol

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