Review: Lorac Mega Pro Palette 3

Happy Wednesday!!! Today I will be sharing with y’all my first impressions on this beautiful palette! It is one of the things that I got for my birthday. Well, actually, I got it during the special ordering period that Ulta was offering to their Platinum Ultamate Rewards members. So I got this like on October 1st, but I decided to not use it until my actual birthday. Anyways, let’s get started!

Lorac Mega Pro Palette 3


Cost: $59 (32 eyeshadows, $1.84/per eyeshadow)

Packaging: I LOVE & HATE the packaging. I love the white and gold color theme, but at the same time, because it is white, the inside gets messy real quick. The inside has a large mirror on the back of the top cover, which gives me life! I used to only use my vanity mirror and not a smaller mirror for more up close application, but now I’m all about that – so a nicely sized mirror is great! (*OK sign and tongue click*)

Then there’s a clear insert that is supposed to keep the mirror clean  from the powder of the shadows – I’m “eh” about this. Again, it’s nice but after I saw how the Natasha Denona Eyeshadow Palette 28 has their clear insert with the names printed on it, attached to the actual palette, it started to make me think why the other brands haven’t done this. I see how that could get in the way of using the mirror but at the same time, I think it’s more convenient to not have it lying around while you’re using the palette. If you accidentally close your palette without the insert inside, the fall out is going to get all over the mirror. Each of the shadows are named and listed under its perspective shadow, which is nice – I don’t like having to look at a separate insert for the name of the colors, but again, if it’s printed on the insert and attached to the palette, it would be much more convenient (if y’all don’t get what I mean by the attached insert, click here to see Casey Holmes YouTube review on the Natasha Denona palette, she shows it).

The box that the palette comes in is cute (top center and right) but I don’t like how the price is listed on the box because if I were to be gifting this to someone, I don’t want the cost to be shown.

Formula: The message on the back of the box says,

“Go PRO with LORAC Mega PRO Palette 3! This limited edition PRO artistry palette is packed with 32 eyeshadows in all the matte and shimmer shades you need to create the hottest looks straight from Hollywood. LORAC’s velvety smooth shadows are ultra pigmented with maximum payoff to perform wet or dry so you can shade, shadow, line and define your eyes, just like a PRO.”


So half the shades are matte and the other half are shimmer. About 2/3 of the shades have a warm undertone but there are cool/neutral tone shades, which I appreciate. All of the shades feel super velvety as the description stated. The pigmentation of the mattes are pretty good but a few of them (Violet Gray, Vintage, and Bark) are powdery and take a little more work to blend. I’m also getting some fall out from the darker shades (Dark Navy and Jet Black), which typically doesn’t bother me but again, because the palette is white, it gets messy.

The pigmentation of the shimmer shades are great except for Pomegranate, which is sad because that’s the shade I was most excited about. Some of the other shimmers (Snow, Cava, Glacier and Tulle) have better pigmentation/pay off when applied wet.

The range of colors in this palette definitely sways towards the more neutral warm side of the spectrum that falls in line with the current season. There aren’t any greens but for blues, there’s Dark Navy and Deep Fog and for the purples, there’s Dusty Mauve, Violet Gray, and Eggplant. I like how there’s two skin tone and one black matte shade – no “all-in-one” palette is ever complete without that. I don’t own any of the other regular or mega palettes by Lorac so I can’t say how it compares to those. (Weird, I know – almost everyone has the Lorac Pro palette, but not me.)

My favorite shades (L to R): Toffee, Pecan, Eggplant, Maple, Cider, Sequoia, Rust, Rose Quartz, Glacier, Snow

Overall, I’m giving it a 4.5/5 stars! There were a few small things that I nitpicked at which brought down my rating by 0.5, but other than that, I have been loving this palette! I have done two looks with this palette so far which can be seen below.


Well, that’s it! I hope y’all enjoyed the review and that this was helpful to those of you who are trying to decide whether to purchase this palette or not. Let me know what you think of this palette and the other Lorac Pro palettes. Seeing how much I like this palette, I am really tempted to try out the others! Ttyl~


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      1. Yea hopefully beauty shops like Sephora and Ulta start spreading over there more and same with UK brands to the US.


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