September Favorites

Hello everybody! It’s Friday!!!!! #tgif However, I’m actually 1000X more excited for tomorrow, Saturday October 8th! Why? For two reasons – first, IT’S MY BIRTHDAY and second, I’m going to my very FIRST BEAUTY EXPO!!!!!!!!!! YEEEEEEE SO EXCITED!!! I will definitely be taking pictures and blogging about it, so please look forward to it!

Today, I will be sharing with y’all my September favorites. I only have a few products but I have been using these basically all month, some even since August.


Formula X – Delete All 5 Finger Nail Polish Remover ($15)

This product is SO SO SO AMAZING!!! I hate taking off my nail polish because it usually takes forever, so I end up waiting until my nails look so gross that I either have to or I just paint over the old color with the new. I know, #firstworldproblems – lol. But ever since I started using this product, I no longer have to worry about that. This little miracle worker takes off regular and gel nail polish like no other! So good! I highly recommend this!!!


Eyeko – Eye Do Liquid Eyeliner ($19)

I got this in my Ipsy glam bag this month. I had never heard of this brand before so I was a little skeptical about how it would compare to the few favorite liquid eyeliners I already had in my collection. Let me tell you, this product did not disappoint! It applied very smoothly – it did not drag on my eyelid nor did it bleed. It is very pigmented and waterproof but not cry-proof. When you blot your face with a tissue crying, it doesn’t end up smudging but it does feather/fade. So watch out, if you’re going to go watch a chick flick or laugh so hard you got tears in your eyes.


Too Faced – Better Than Sex Waterproof Mascara ($12-23)

I heard a lot of mixed reviews on this product before I decided to purchase a mini travel size to try it out. I used to have the original Better Than Sex in the pink tube and I loved that. I didn’t have very many smudging issues with that before but maybe once in a while, I’d get a slight shadow on my lower lash line where the mascara had wandered off to. With this new waterproof formula, I was hoping that all that would go away but many of the reviews I read said the opposite. But I tried this and no smudging! So yay! I’m glad I tried it because I have not had any issues with this smudging or flaking. It still gives me the same amount of length, volume and definition that the original formula did! I don’t wear waterproof mascara everyday but on days when it’s rainy, this is perfect!


Colourpop Cosmetics – Highlighter in Flexitarian ($8)

I got this during the weekend Fall/Labor Day Sale and have been using this highlighter non-stop (along with another highlighter that I got recently but still gathering my thoughts on that). It’s very pretty and affordable. It gives a nice glow, not beaming though unless applied wet. I do recommend first applying it onto your cheekbones with your finger and then blending it out with either a brush or your finger. When applied on with a fan brush, I feel like it lacks pigmentation. So if you don’t like using your fingers, then use a denser highlighting brush.


ABH – Liquid Lipstick in Stripped ($20)

You know I love my nudes! This liquid lipstick has a great formula and pigmentation. The price is a little steep but compared to the other high-end brands like Stila, Buxom, Tarte, Too Faced, and Smashbox, it’s all around the same price. I don’t have much experience in the liquid lipstick arena, so I can’t say how this formula compares to the other high-end brands, but I will say this – it’s worth the hype. It’s not too drying and it’s boyfriend-friendly! If you can’t afford it, I definitely suggest the Colourpop Ultra Satin liquid lipsticks as a cheaper alternative.


Well that’s it! Let me know what products you couldn’t stop using in September or new discoveries you’ve made! I hope y’all enjoy your weekend and I will ttyl!


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2 thoughts on “September Favorites

  1. I have got to try that nail polish remover. I usually buy mine from the drugstore and anything metallic or with glitter takes soooo long to remove, the last time I changed my nail polish it took me two episodes of Friends to get it all off!!
    I love your swatch of the ABH lipstick, it’s so cute! Great picks this month 🙂


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