Review: Ciate X Olivia Palermo Smouldering Eyeshadow Palette

I absolutely LOVE this little palette! I ordered it online from Sephora during the end of summer sale. The Smokey Suedes palette, also a collab between Olivia Palermo and Ciate, went out of stock before I could order that one too. So this review will only be about the Smouldering Eyeshadow Palette.



Cost: Originally $39 but currently on sale for $19.50 (get it here) At $39, it’s approximately $4.30 per shadow, but on sale it’s approximately $2.16 per shadow. That’s a steal!


Packaging: The packaging is absolutely beautiful! The creators did such a great job. The box that it comes in has a gold scalloped pattern that’s accented with reds, purple, and pink on the front. On the back, it has a picture of each of the shades and its name. The palette itself has a black textured top thats accented with a gold rim and text. Once you open the palette there’s a clear and gold insert that has a quote by Olivia Palermo printed on it. It says, “Seriously soft-touch suede eye shadow in my personal favourite shades for beautifully smokey eyes”. There’s also a nice mirror behind the top front cover. Usually eyeshadow palettes come with an eyeshadow brush but since this palette is smaller than the typical Urban Decay Naked or Too Faced Chocolate palettes, that’s not a big deal for me. There are 9 shadows in this palette: 5 shimmer and 4 matte. According to the description on the back of the box, the lightest shade in the center is ideal for highlighting the brow bone. The medium shades are great for the lower lash line. Lastly, the darkest shade is ideal for lining the eyes.



Formula: The first time I swatched these, I could feel how creamy and soft these shadows are. The pigment is great. It applies very nicely with your finger and brushes. The shimmer shades layer on the matte shades perfectly fine without an eyeshadow primer, although it does help bring out the color if a primer or setting spray is used. All the shades have a cool, almost grey-ish undertone to them, which makes sense – smouldering, smokey eyes. So far, I haven’t experienced any fall out. Another thing that I love about this palette is that there is a red and a blue shade. Typically, you don’t see both shades together unless it’s a palette with bright popping colors.


Overall, I give this palette a 5/5 Stars!!! Typically, I love my warm shades but given that this is a smouldering, smokey eyes palette, I can live without it in this palette! If you already have a smokey eyeshadow palette like the Urban Decay Naked Smokey, I’m not sure that I would recommend this. But if you don’t and if this is still available, I would suggest that you get it! 



P.S. Here’s a look that I did with this palette!

Screen Shot 2016-09-25 at 6.37.29 PM.png

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