What’s In My On-The-Go Makeup Bag

Hello lovelies! I hope y’all are having a wonderful week so far! Today I will be sharing with y’all what items are in my makeup bag that I keep with me basically at all times, whether it’s in my school tote or purse. So let’s begin!



Purell Hand Sanitizer

Sometimes your hands feel sticky and you just need something quick and easy until you get access to a sink with soap.


You never know when you’ll get a paper cut or in my case, pick at the skin around your fingernails until you bleed. Bad habit – I know…


Allergies suck.

Oil-absorbing sheets

Currently carrying the Neutrogena blotting sheets but I don’t buy a specific brand all the time – whatever works is fine!

Cotton Swabs/Q-Tips

Sometimes my ears get itchy and other times, I need to take off the mascara that’s smudged on my lower lash line. BTW, I hate the smudging. Panda eyes never look good.

Neutrogena – Shine Control Powder + powder puff

Love this stuff. I don’t always follow up blotting with powder but when I’m having an oily day, this is a lifesaver.

Top: gloss, Middle: liner + gloss, Bottom: liner

Nyx Cosmetics – Butter Gloss in Creme Brulee & Colourpop Cosmetics – Lip Pencil in Aquarius

I love this lip combination. I think I talked about it previously in my monthly favorites post. I love it so much that even if I’m not wearing that lip combo at the beginning of the day, I’ll switch to this after my original lip color has faded from lunch, unless I’m wearing a bold lip. Then I’ll be carrying that extra lip product with me.


I always have chapped lips. I use chapstick day and night and in between, under the other lip products that I’m using.

Mini perfume

I love carrying mini travel size perfumes that are spritzer types, not rollerballs. I feel like it pulls everything together when I’m freshening up my makeup. I’ll also reapply when I feel like the original scent I had on has faded.

Eyelash glue

You never know when your falsies are gonna pop off and it ain’t cute to have just one lash on – I guarantee it.

Mini Mascara

I don’t usually have to apply on mascara throughout the day especially after I’ve initially put some on in the morning, but you never know when you might need some extra oomph.

What’s in your makeup bag? 



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